The kitchen place remains to be the heart of every home, and therefore the design, layout, as well as everything that is found in this place should be best and carefully selected to give the right impression of the home and an elegant look. This includes the careful selection of the kitchen countertops which should be durable, strong and reliable. Stone countertops are popular in the modern days because they have a sleek appearance with a fine touch hence many people opt for this choice. Learn more about  cambria quartz torquay,  go here. 
There are numerous varieties of stone countertops in the market which include Granite, Quartz, Marble, as well as the Slate kitchen countertops.

Quartz countertops are naturally resistant to any particular scratch. People opt for quartz countertops because they provide a decorative appearance on the countertops. Also, quartz countertops are resistant to any stain that might result from the oil and juices being poured on it.

Marble countertops are made from marble, and being the softest of the available minerals, the countertops made from marble should not handle or serve heavy purposes because they are prone to damage. Despite the fact that this countertop is delicate, it is resistant to any form of stains but needs to be frequently cleaned. For more useful reference regarding  International Granite and Stone, have a peek here. 
Granite countertops are made of the heaviest mineral which is granite. Before the granite is used to make the countertops, it is first manufactured into slabs which are used now to make the countertops. These types of countertops are resistant to scratches, and in the case that the countertop is perfectly installed and well-sealed, it is resistant to oil and juice stains. Another advantage of granite countertops is that they are heatproof, and if a hot pot is placed on it, it does not burn up, but instead it just gets warm.

Soapstone countertops are the most popular among the types of stone countertops, and it has been used for quite a long time. Soapstone countertop is resistant to spills of both acidic and alkaline nature, and any activity that might result in the production of acids or alkaline solutions. These countertops, therefore, are well suited for outdoor usage because the production of basic or acidic components from the environment will not affect them.

Natural stone countertops have a lot of benefits, but this does not mean that one has to have all the countertops installed, but instead, they should choose one that best suits them for their kitchen before purchasing one of them. Please view this site  for further details.