Choosing a Kitchen Countertop

If you have the interest to replace your current counters with an eco-friendly option, the best outstanding option to choose from is the bamboo countertops. There are several reasons why you should have bamboo as your countertops which include but not limited to the following:

Why are Bamboo Countertops the best renewable products?
Bamboo has emerged within the past several years to be one of the most quality green products. Bamboo has been used in building trades for cabinets, furniture, countertops and in making floors among many other uses. Other applications of bamboo are in clothing fabrics as well as beddings. Being a renewable product, its green and some varieties of bamboo grow almost a foot every day. Traditional wood products can never grow at such a high rate which makes bamboo an exceptionally eco-friendly product ever. Here's a good read about  granite countertops tampa, check it out! 

Bamboo Products are durable:
Some people have pre-formed negative opinions about bamboo products. However, the truth of the matter is that bamboo is a strong building material in any of its application. Its durability is almost equal to most hardwoods and is considered to be stronger than many other wood products. If you have built your countertops using bamboo, expect them to last for a very long time. Other materials that are less tough needs replacement every year as compared to bamboo which is more eco-friendly. To gather more awesome ideas, click this website here. 

You can use bamboo products again and again without disposing them of making them an even better option. As the life cycle of these products is completed, they are recycled and saves land space as they do not enter the landfill making bamboo products are very green.

The process of making Bamboo Countertops:
Production of bamboo countertops occurs in a few unique processes. The method used for the production is highly dependent on the preferences of the client. The first bamboo countertops are basically in a laminate form. Manufacturers with the aim of creating an eco-friendly product, begin by making multilam also called cross-brand laminates. The second stage involves gluing together small strips of bamboo to produce planks. These separate planks are then assembled and glued together using non-toxic adhesive formaldehyde. These countertops are ready to be delivered to the construction site and installed, and a finish sealer applied. It's advisable to use low VOC sealer to ensure the countertops are eco-friendly.

Alternative for Bamboo Countertops Constructed:
End-Grain bamboo can be used as an alternative method to manufacture countertops. Just like the planks, the end-grain bamboo is glued together but instead being created from long bamboo planks, they created from rectangular pieces of bamboo. After being glued together, a sealer is added. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference.